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Top 5 reasons for learning Software Testing

by GangBoard Admin, August 16, 2016

Why Manual Testing?

When an organization spends huge sum of money to professionals for the technical skills they possess and providing the entire high tech infrastructure to develop their desired product – a (huge) piece of code in our IT industry, why it spends money to test that one? Don’t the developers provide what the organization needs to please their customers?

Consider the following scenario:

You are lying in your bed holding mobile at 12:00 A.M waiting to book First Day First Show ticket of your favorite Star’s movie at the cost of your sleep(and your money obviously). Tickets are available and you are lucky enough to pick your desired seat and you even succeed in proceeding with payment.

What will you do if the following things happen?

  • You paid for your favorite movie but you got ticket for a different one.
  • You selected a theatre nearby but you got ticket in a theatre which you never liked.
  • You selected a ticket for that weekend but you got it on a Monday morning.

The above scenarios may sound crazy, but that might happen if there wasn’t enough testing happened.

Will you dare to visit that website again? Will you recommend that website to your friends? Don’t you criticize them on all social media? What will happen to their brand image and reputation?

  • That is what a Test Engineer/Testing Team will do – to ensure that organization gets what they want to satisfy their customers’ expectation. Learn Software Testing Training from the real time Experts
  • So everything getting automated now do organizations still need all this man power only to test their product? Yes, they need. Not everything can be automated. If Code development takes more time than expected and you have only very limited time to get that into production will you still try to prepare an automation script to test that one or you will go ahead and test manually and confirm that product is ready to hit the market.
  • Any product which is new or any new functionality within a product is best tested only by a human resource, by the end you will not only verify that all requirements are met but you tend to get the behavior of the new product.
  • What is that “behavior” you are expecting from software!! You can try to test that whole product by an automation tool, but at the end it’s not that tool which is going to use that working software. It’s YOU. Manual testing provides a live user experience of that product which can gives more confident to the organization/customer.
  • Manual testing helps a resource in gaining more knowledge on what he is working. If he is into similar kind of product/domain again, he can easily guess where an error would possibly occur, thus helping him out on a more efficient testing.


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